Monday, May 3, 2010

SEIU Still Striking Nursing Home Residents

It's been three weeks since the SEIU-represented workers walked out on the residents of two Connecticut nursing homes, and the Union of Purple People Eaters is still out on strike.
Health care workers in Ansonia and Derby walked off their jobs at two nursing homes more than three weeks ago, and there's no end in sight, union officials said.

About 200 nurses, nursing assistants and support staff at Hilltop Health Care in Ansonia and the Birmingham Health Center in Derby have been on strike since April 15, along with colleagues at nursing homes in Winsted and Hartford.


Every day the striking workers can be found marching outside the two facilities from 6 a.m. to midnight. On Friday, the workers staged a "Rally in the Valley" to protest the impasse and encourage some movement in the talks.

Chernoff said the inability to successfully negotiate the contracts is an anomaly in relation to other workers.

How comforting for the elderly.  They've become an "anomaly."
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