Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New UAW King wants union payback

Now, this is rich:
Bob King, the likely future president of the UAW, said union members have made tremendous sacrifices in recent years to help save the domestic automakers and the companies should be prepared to reward union members as the industry recovers.

"There was equality of sacrifice, there has got to be equality of gain," said King, a UAW vice president who is the union’s nominee to be elected president at a constitutional convention in June.


King, 63, made his comments following a speech Tuesday at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s automotive conference in Detroit titled, “A new role for labor? Partner and owner.”

Throughout his speech, King said the union has proved in recent years that it iscapable of adapting to new challenges in the automotive industry and working with the domestic automakers to help them through times of crisis.

In 2007, for example, the union agreed to take over the responsibility of managing retiree health care from the automakers.

Um..Bob? How about the taxpayers get paid back for bailing you guys out first?
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