Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Former NLRB Member Cites Laundry List of Assaults on American Job Creators

Following the 2008 elections, when unions took over the White House and expanded their majorities in Congress, American business has become the cannon fodder for a hostile takeover from the union movement.

From the SEIU's Andy Stern developing the strategy for Democrats' health care enactment that 'changed America forever' to the current union push for 'financial reform' (and the reasons behind it), unions are using Congress and the Obama administration to declare 'open season' on America's job creators that continues despite the upcoming mid-term elections.

John Raudabaugh, an attorney with the law firm Peabody Nixon, is a former member of the National Labor Relations Board.  He has compiled a laundry list of assaults facing America's employers that are still on the agenda.  Below are just the highlights (for the in-depth list, go here):

  • Executive Order 13494: For DoD, GSA & NASA contractors: "a proposed rule was announced to prohibit reimbursement to federal contractors for costs to persuade employees regarding unionization while allowing reimbursement of costs for shop stewards, labor management committees, employee publications, and related activities associated with employee relations. Comments from interested parties are due by June 14, 2010."
  • Executive Order 13502:  Union-only Project Labor Agreements recommended on federal construction projects of $25 million or more.
  • From the Department of Labor:  "The DOL’s Semiannual Regulatory Agenda published April 26, 2010, (75 Fed. Reg. 21824-21838) lists 117 rule actions under review, development, or completed during the past 6 months addressing a variety of issues..."
  • From Congress:
    • The “Paycheck Fairness Act” (S. 182; H.R. 12) 
    • “Protecting America’s Workers Act” (S. 1580; H.R. 2067)
    • The “Employment Non-Discrimination Act” (S. 1584; H.R. 3017)
    • The “Employee Misclassification Prevention Act” (S. 3254; H.R. 5107) 
    • The “Voluntary Protection Program Act” (S. 3257)
    • The “Balancing Act of 2009” (H.R. 3047)
    • The “Work-Life Balance Award Act” (H.R. 4855)

As stated above, these are just some of the "highlights" of what unions have on the docket.  For more information on these issues, go to Raudabaugh's full column here.

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