Ten Facts About Unions

  1. Today's unions are a multi-billion dollar per year industry, collecting more than $10 billion per year in union dues from workers.
  2. The majority of today's union-represented employees never voted to become unionized but must pay the union or be fired from their jobs.
  3. Union dues are used to finance the running of the union's business.
  4. If you are represented by a union and live in one of 28 Non-Right-to-Work States, a union can order you to be fired from your job if there is a union (income) security clause in its contract.
  5. union does NOT have to represent you to your liking and, in fact, can legally refuse to process your complaint
  6. As a union member, if you violate a union's rules (known as the union constitution), you can be placed on trial by the union.
  7. If you are found guilty at a union trial, the union can suspend your membership, expel you from the union, or fine you money.
  8. A union's real bargaining power comes from its ability to call you and your co-workers out on strike.
  9. A union can legally trade things you have in order to get things the union wants in negotiations.
  10. If the union calls you out on an economic strike, you cannot be fired.  However, you can be replaced permanently by your employer.

[Posted with permission.]

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