Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SEIU Rival Gives Purple Behemoth a Beat Down (Again)...

Barely a month after the Union of Purple People Eaters (aka the Service Employees International Union) was beaten (283-13) in an NLRB election by the upstart National Union of Healthcare Workers, the NUHW gave the purple behemoth another beating today.

In three-closely watched elections at Kaiser Permanente in Southern California, the NUHW trounced the SEIU with 1652 combined votes to the SEIU's 257 votes.  Here is the breakdown:


  • NUHW: 746
  • SEIU: 36
  • No Union: 3
  • Void: 1

  • NUHW: 717
  • SEIU: 192
  • No Union: 7
  • NUHW: 189
  • SEIU: 29
  • No Union: 13
  • Void: 2
  • Challenge: 3

According to the pro-union Labor Notes:
A last-minute push by the Service Employees (SEIU) to impound the ballots and prevent the vote count was denied by the National Labor Relations Board.

The vote comes nearly one year to the day after SEIU placed its third-largest local, the dissident United Healthcare Workers-West, into trusteeship, prompting members and leaders to establish the breakaway NUHW. Within a month of the trusteeship more than 100,000 workers had filed petitions to leave SEIU and join NUHW.

But 2,300 Kaiser professionals last week were among the first to secure a head-to-head vote. SEIU has effectively stalled elections for months with blocking charges and other legal hurdles at the labor board.

NUHW’s strongest support came from nurses at Kaiser’s Los Angeles Medical Center complex, winning that unit 746 to 36. In the smaller bargaining unit of dieticians, speech pathologists, and other professionals the vote was 189 to 29. A third vote count among psychologists, therapists, social workers and others is expected later today. NUHW officials are predicting a victory there as well.

As their peasants continue their revolution, the King and Queen of Labor (SEIU's Andy Stern and Anna Burger) feeling rather squeamish this evening for instigating this uprising.

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