Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Andy Stern's Vietnam

Last night, we blogged on the NUHW's big victory over the purple behemoth, the SEIU, out in California, where the former SEIU-UHW leaders and their rank-and-file members trounced their former union 1652 combined votes to the SEIU's 257 votes.

Today, Politico's Ben Smith has a post up on the SEIU's loss in California.  At the end, Smith writes:

An insider explains that Andy Stern foe and UHW leader "Sal Roselli is still a very charismatic/popular leader to the rank and file. They also have a very tight old/school organizing model that is much more in touch with the members. As others have pointed out think of SEIU as the US in Vietnam...NUHW is the Viet Cong." [Emphasis added.]

If history is any indication, the battle with NUHW will not end well for the SEIU.

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