Sunday, January 17, 2010

Which Constitution Will SEIU Bosses Follow in Massachusetts?

Did donning their infamous purple shirts just put these SEIU members in jeopardy of retaliation from their union bosses?

We might think SEIU members are merely exercising a constitutional right and campaigning for a candidate their union bosses have opposed.  Sadly, however, by donning their purple shirts, their union bosses may have another opinion and claim the SEIU members have violated another constitution...that of the SEIU.

Andy Stern and his Union of Purple People Eaters (otherwise known as the Service Employees International Union) have got to be going nuts over these members seeming "gross disloyalty and conduct unbecoming a member."

The big question is, will union bosses at the SEIU respect their members' [U.S.] constitutional rights?

We hope so.  In either case, we'll be watching and waiting to report.

h/t: RedMassGroup.
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