Saturday, December 19, 2009

98% of Workers Vote to Give SEIU an 'Old School A** Whooping' ...

When given a choice, ninety-eight percent of workers chose to give the Union of Purple People Eaters (formally known as the SEIU) give the union a good 'old school a** whooping.'
National Union of Healthcare Workers soundly defeated the SEIU, but the margin of workers wanting no union was close. Results are not yet final.

An upstart union challenging the giant Service Employees International Union won a plurality Friday in a disputed and closely watched union vote at a Sonoma County Hospital.

But the National Labor Relations Board, which oversaw the vote at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, said it could not declare a winner because the final margin was close and 17 ballots were challenged.

"At this point, we don't have a determinative result," said Tim Peck, assistant to the regional director of the National Labor Relations Board.

During the two-day voting, the breakaway National Union of Healthcare Workers garnered 283 votes, compared to 13 for the rival Service Employees International Union.

However, 263 voters cast ballots for no union in the tightly contested race.

So out of 576 voters, the Union of Purple People Eaters (more commonly called the SEIU) only received 2% of the vote.

The message these workers have sent to the SEIU's command-and-control style of unionism was that of an 'old school a** whooping,' which should send shivers down Andy Stern, Anna Burger, and Dave Regan's spines backsides.

[For background on SEIU's 'Civil War', go here.]
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