Thursday, April 22, 2010

A problem with the Teamsters' beer boycott

The Teamsters are calling for a boycott of Labatt beer over the closure of an old Canadian brewery.
"Union steward Norm Cooper for the now closed Lakeport Brewery, encouraged Hamiltonians to boycott Labatt products during a rally yesterday in front of the Burlington Street facility.

“Let’s boycott Labatt,” said Cooper, in front of about 120 people during the afternoon protest. “I don’t care if it’s Molson’s. Don’t buy (Labatt’s) beer.”"

“They said we were inefficient, but we were the best facility with old equipment that should have been replaced,” said Norgate. “Labatt should have put money into this facility. (Relocating Lakeport) has been their plan all along.”

Teamsters Local 938 vice-president John Gorman said the union is attempting to “put pressure” on InBev, headquartered in St. Louis, which owns Labatt. Union officials are also involved in a “strategy session”, and their lawyers are examining if there is any legal action that can be taken, he said.

There's a problem here.

What if you didn't like Labatt's to begin with? Does that mean you're aiding the boycott? Or, rather, should the beer have gone bust long ago and the Teamsters are just now realizing it?

Just curious.

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