Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Uh Oh, UFCW, Hi-Tech is Coming to Your Local Grocer

The following has been cross-posted on LaborUnionReport.com:

The United Food & Commercial Workers has a major (as in HUGE) problem…and it’s not Wal-Mart.

For years, Wal-Mart has been the bane of the UFCW by stealing customers by offering lower prices than the traditionally higher-priced (and often unionized) grocery chains.

However, while the UFCW (and the union movement as a whole) has focused on bringing Wal-Mart down, one of the UFCW’s own unionized chains is preparing to put a stake through the UFCW’s heart by arming shoppers with hi-tech scanners.

According to WPIX, 18 Stop & Shop supermarkets in the Long Island area are offering hand held Motorola scanners to shoppers, with more stores to soon follow.

Also there are other supermarkets looking to use this new technology, which is making the trip to the grocery store much easier for shoppers.

“It always good to save money and time, I’m able to pack out as I go and I can check
out a lot faster and I can see what I’m spending as I go.” said shopper Andrea

The “Scan It” technology works on produce as well and it allows you to see if the item is on sale.

This certainly does not bode well for the UFCW.

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