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EFCA: 'Wounded' is not 'Dead'

Though summer is a bit behind this year, the wet, winter-like weather has finally turned in the Northeast and the two wheels are finally planted on the pavement in earnest.

Given that, our aim this summer is to continue giving you the news on LaborUnionReport.com (M-F), as well as our views on today's labor unions (and the miscreants running them) through our blog, as well as these e-mail blasts to you as the need arises…Whether it be from the office, from the airports, or even whilst riding, with the reins of our iron horses betwixt and between the teeth, as we blog, Twitter, "tweet," type, and give the errant, lane-crossing cages a one-finger salute now and then.

In this regard, dear readers, as we are not without words when it comes to today's unions and their misdeeds we, therefore, offer you the following fare.
  • Who Needs EFCA When They Have Max Baucus?
  • Is the media asleep?
  • Taxation without Representation's New Meaning
  • Wounded Does Not Mean Dead For Union Bailout Bill
  • EFCA's In a Holding Pattern
  • News Stories From Around the Internet…

Who needs EFCA when They Have Max Baucus?…

If you have not heard by now, the debate over nationalizing America's health care system is now raging in Washington. Indeed, the health care debate, according to the People's Weekly World, may be causing EFCA to be delayed a bit longer:

The same congressional committees that would deal with labor law reform are now busy with overhauling health care. The result is that labor will likely have to delay its goal of having the Employee Free Choice Act on President Obama’s desk by Labor Day.

Only time will tell if EFCA will happen before or after Labor Day and what shape it will take.

Is the media asleep?

As we've noted before, like a scene from a Hollywood movie, union bosses are using a senior Senator to either craft an EFCA compromise or help them develop a 'hit list' of fellow senators (including those from his own party) for unions to eliminate in the 2010 mid-term elections.

If Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), barring an EFCA compromise, carries out his threat to introduce EFCA for an 'up or down vote' after July 4th, he has vowed to do union bosses' bidding and draw out his fellow senators for union bosses. Since exposing this chicanery on June 18th, we have launched the Harkin Hit List Watch on our blog. That is, we are counting the days until someone (anyone) in the media reports on how a special interest group (union bosses) is using a senior member of the United States Senate to blackmail fellow senators into supporting a piece of legislation or he'll help mark them for elimination by his union handlers. [We are on the twelfth day.]

Taxation Without Representation

Meanwhile, as the nationalization of health care begins to take form, Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) has introduced a plan to help pay for the estimated $1.6 trillion government takeover by taxing many Americans on their health care coverage. Of course, the one group of Americans that would be exempt from taxation would be union members. The White House is said to be 'priming the public' for then-candidate Obama's pledge not to impose taxes on families making less than $250,000 per year.

As appalling as it sounds, Senator Baucus is actually proposing to exempt union members from the health care tax. This, of course, gives new meaning to taxation without representation. Indeed, if Baucus succeeds with this plan and although President Obama may break his pledge by raising taxes on families making less than $250,000 per year, all will likely be forgiven by their union backers as the incentive for union-free workers to join unions will be reduced to simple economics.

With that said…

'Wounded' Does Not Mean 'Dead' for Union Bailout Bill

It's been wounded to the point that its supporters are beginning to question its short-term survivability. Perhaps it is a victim of its own deformity since its name is as mismatched with its intent as is a rat poison named Vanilla Ice Cream. Or, perhaps, it is a victim of pure numbers-game politics, awaiting the arrival of comic-turned-comedic-politician Al Franken. Irrespective of why the union bailout bill otherwise known as the moronically-monikered Employee Free Choice Act is temporarily wounded, the fact is, it is not dead. [more…]

Good News & Bad News on the Union-Free Front: EFCA's in a "Holding Pattern"

There's good news and bad news on the union-free front.

First, the good news: The moronically-named Employee Free Choice Act (that job-destroying bill that union bosses have been pushing for the last few years) may now be on the back burner until after Labor Day.

Read the bad news here

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