Friday, June 25, 2010

Teamsters let man's home flood over non-union crane

They'd rather let a man's home flood than let a non-union operator on to a piece of equipment?
Witnesses said pickets at scene, however, prevented the Gatlin employees from using the crane, saying that only union operators were allowed to run them.

"They gathered around and wouldn't let the guys get to the equipment," said Diane Brzycki, who lives across the street from Milton. "They just stood there in the middle of the road."

A spokesman for Gatlin acknowledged there was a "dispute" Thursday morning but that the company and the union workers settled it. But whatever they agreed upon did not help Milton, whose property to the north of his just-completed house was still under standing water Thursday afternoon.

"They don't give a hoot about what happens to my house; they weren't even going to turn on the pumps," Milton said. "Gatlin came to turn them on, but the Teamsters said no, not without union operators.

"I'm a union person myself, but I wouldn't allow someone's house to get flooded."

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[Ed. note: May their pickets leave splinters in their hands that get infected and fester.]
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