Tuesday, October 6, 2009

KEEPING IT ON THE DOWN LOW: Obama's SEIU Man in the White House Gets Exposed Down Under

Some of the best reporting comes from some of the oddest places (like New Zealand).

As America is now beginning to learn, our federal government has been taken over by (to borrow a term) "union thugs."

While other unions have their people in different positions throughout the government, none has had as many people put into higher places than the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). [To read more about SEIU, go here.]

For example, lavender-lapeled labor lord, SEIU's Andy Stern, has had the Obama administration put Ellen Moran into the Department of Commerce (after a brief stint as White House Communications Director), Dennis Rivera in charge of Obama's attack on health care and, like a hand in a rubber glove, Patrick Gaspard (from SEIU 1199) is the President's Political Director.

Due to revelations coming to light over ACORN, Gaspard's SEIU ties to the nutty organization are being exposed, as well as his current influence on the administration being called into question.

To expose the ties between Gaspard and the machinery of the Marxist left, Trevor Loudon, chief blogger at New Zeal has posted a good, but lengthy, connect-the-dots post on Gaspard and his ties (scroll to 10/1/09 post).

It will be interesting to see if Obama circles the wagons around Gaspard, or throws him under the bus, as he did communist Van Jones.

We'll just have to wait and watch.

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