Tuesday, December 8, 2009

UPDATED: Steelworkers Plead with Public: Please don't cross our picket lines...

For nearly four months now, the United Steelworker-represented driving instructors in Ontario (Canada) have been out on strike. 

By putting a stranglehold on wannabe drivers' ability to get their license for three months, the government contractor DriveTest partially opened several centers on November 12th.

Unfortunately for the union strikers, the public isn't paying much attention to the striking Steelworkers.
United Steelworkers member Herb Daniher said they have a legal right to strike and people should respect that picket line by not crossing it.

Despite Daniher asking the public not to cross, people continued to make their way inside the testing centre on Memorial Avenue. Striking workers continue to patrol the walkway and protesting the staffing structure of the business.

Roberta Taylor, an employee, said she feels the side of the striking workers is lost on the public.

This video is from the beginning weeks of the strike.

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Note: This article has been updated following a reader pointing out that DriveTest is a contractor of the government, not the government itself.  Thanks, Justin!

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